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2021 Social Media Graphics

Yuri's Night Logos & Branding

Logo Use Guidelines

This logo is the property of Yuri’s Night, a nonprofit corporation in California, United States.

Organizers planning a Yuri’s Night event may use the Yuri’s Night logo and name for advertising and printed materials for that event.

The logo files below are in black, white, and red (#FF0000). You can remix and recolor the logos any way you want!

Consider your background color when choosing a Yuri’s Night logo! If the background of your intended medium is black, you must use the White Ring Logos. If the background of your intended medium is white, you must use the Black Ring Logos. If the background is not black or white, choose the Yuri’s Night logo that provides the most visible border.

Merchandise and Clothing Guidelines

The Yuri’s Night logo is not authorized for use in products or services for general sale or distribution without the express written permission of Yuri’s Night. (This means you make and sell a “Yuri’s Night at Shawda’s House” t-shirt online or in person. You can also sell a plain shirt with just the logo in person, but not online.)

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Black Ring Logo

If the background of your intended medium is white or a lighter color, please use the Black Ring Logo.

Transparent PNG

Transparent EPS

White Ring Logo

If the background of your intended medium is black or another dark color, please use the White Ring Logos.

Transparent PNG

Transparent EPS

JPG (Black Background)

Other Logos

Need a 1-color logo? Here it is! Use it on any color background except black.

Black and Transparent PNG

Black and White PNG

Greyscale PNG

Large vector logo for printing AI

2021 20th Anniversary Logo

Gradient red and purple background (PNG)

2022 Special Logo for Supporting Ukraine

Blue and Yellow background (PNG)